Pearlstone Campus Club

Nature Adventure for the Whole Family! 

Get outside! Join the Pearlstone Campus Club and enjoy 180 acres of natural beauty and fun.

  • Hike our 3-mile Perimeter Trail
  • Run our 2.2 mile Fitness Trail (outdoor fitness equipment coming soon!)
  • Go Fishing in our Pond 
  • Play on our Basketball Court, Soccer, and Softball Fields 
  • Bring a picnic 
Safety and security are our number one priority and Campus Club memberships allow us to control and monitor those on our property who wish to connect to nature in a loving and caring space.

  • Weekly Membership                         $20
  • Monthly (30 day) Membership       $30
  • Annual Membership                         $180

Membership begins on date of purchase.


We will send an email notification of this gift. If you want that notification to go directly to the recipient, please provide their email address here. If you want the gift notification to go yourself so that you can forward it to them, please enter your email address here.
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